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How To Tell If a Loved One is Faking a Drug Test

Just like any exam or test in school, if people are nervous they are going to fail they may look for ways to cheat the system. When it comes to drug tests, the results can have high stakes. Meaning that some will do whatever it takes to pass. Is it possible to fake a...

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Family Roles in Addiction

Addiction not only affects the individual themselves but family roles play in addiction. Recovery for the addict can be aided by finding help for the family.

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Benefits of Breathwork in Recovery

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and take a nice, deep breath.  Feel better? Good! You just experienced on a small scale the benefits of practicing breathwork therapy. Breathing is something we do naturally, and it can become a very powerful tool when used...

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Understanding Kratom: Risks and Withdrawals

Kratom has become an increasingly popular drug alternative used for both health benefits and recreational purposes. Many teens have been found using kratom because it is currently legal in the United States, no prescription is required, and it is easy to purchase....

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How to Overcome Codependency

Codependency is a behavioral condition that is commonly found among parents of addicted children. Learn how to overcome codependent characteristics.

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Traits of an Addictive Personality

There is being passionate and excited about something… and then there is being addicted to it. While we most commonly recognize addiction as consuming a substance, there are many other things that kids, teens, and adults can become addicted to. We’ve pinpointed a few...

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Coping Strategies In Early Sobriety

Coping Strategies In Early Sobriety

If getting sober were easy, everyone would do it. Here at Healthy Life, we recognize the struggles that come with early sobriety, so we have collected a few of our best tips, tricks & strategies to help you get sober and STAY sober. Don’t Get Comfortable Just when...

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