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The core philosophy at our addiction treatment center is to care for the whole body, mind and soul. A healthy life starts with a healthy body. We believe that one of the best ways to reconnect with your body is to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics often require medication to regulate mood and manage withdrawals early in the treatment process.  Our addiction treatment includes MAT which can be an important tool to control cravings and help prevent relapse. MAT has been shown to decrease relapse rates and help people in recovery to focus on addiction education and move forward with their lives.

Clients who choose Outpatient aftercare maintain accountability and receive the support they need to maintain their professional and personal commitments. Outpatient rehab helps clients manage stressors as they return to daily life. Most clients in aftercare reside in sober living homes and attend Outpatient rehab around their personal, work or school schedule. Our addiction plan tailors to each patient’s plan to their specific needs, concerns and goals.

Our San Diego addiction treatment center teaches our patients that regular exercise is a natural way to reduce stress levels that promotes mental stability through the release of tension and anxiety.  A daily exercise regime can also help clients learn accountability and shows them the benefits of sticking to a long term plan. Nutrition is also a key element of a balanced recovery plan. These practices promote self-esteem and positive self-image.

A sober living home is a place where people early recovery can live together in an alcohol and drug free zone. Our Sober living in San Diego offers structure and supervision to clients transitioning out of an inpatient rehab or detox program. In our Sober Living homes recovering addicts and alcoholics attend 12-step meetings together.  They build lasting relationships and learn accountability from their peers. Our Recovery Homes also help clients find work and develop healthy hobbies to replace addictive behaviors.

Every client at Healthy Life Recovery  is assigned a personal therapist with whom they meet with weekly.  Individual sessions are useful to further explore concepts and topics from group therapy sessions on a more personal level.  In these sessions patients have the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance to increase their mental wellness and deal with issues that have contributed to their addiction.

The LGBTQ+ community is at a higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse than their heterosexual counterparts. The societal discrimination that they face can further exacerbate mental health and substance abuse issues.  Other factors, like rejection from family, violence and loss of child custody can also lead to addiction. Our addiction treatment program gives LGBTQ+ people an experience that offers support and understanding for the unique challenges that they face.

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