People battling a drug or alcohol addiction did not imagine that a pandemic would emerge and get in the way of treatment. Nevertheless, in the year 2020, the spread of COVID-19 impacted everyone’s lives, excluding no one. Now, many people struggling with substance abuse have to decide if it is safe to go to rehab during COVID.

Even during a global pandemic, addiction treatment is still available. California is monitoring the pandemic in each local community closely and keeping the public informed. Fortunately, San Diego has been removed from the COVID monitoring list. At Healthy Life Recovery, our drug rehab during COVID is safe and remains open. 

We are aware of the potential dangers for gathering anywhere during this pandemic, including rehab centers. Although there are risks and potentially higher ones, for not seeking addiction treatment during COVID too. Our staff members are working hard to fight addiction a little differently during these unique times.

rehab during covid

How Has COVID-19/Coronavirus Impacted Addiction?

For many people, the Coronavirus has added to underlying emotional and mental health issues associated with addiction. For example, COVID-19 causes stress, isolation, loneliness, and depression, which is already linked with substance abuse. These mental and emotional issues may trigger alcohol or drug abuse.

A huge obstacle this virus created is the need for social distancing guidelines. Due to these guidelines and curfews, it can be more challenging to acquire drugs. Also, with some restaurants and bars closed, there is less opportunity to socially drink, even though alcohol is still readily available.

Despite the Coronavirus placing some barriers for acquiring substances, it has not cured any underlying causes. In fact, these obstacles might have added to the desperation for people who struggle with addiction. This can make things worse because their substance of choice may not be available to them.

Can I Control My Using Or Drinking?

Many people who struggle with a substance use disorder have a false perception that they can control their use. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case when you are struggling with addiction. This type of thinking can mean you are in deep denial and may result in an intervention with friends and family members.

Due to the increased fear over the coronavirus pandemic, people with addiction need all the support they can get. Trying to manage your substance use can be hard and tiring. If you have been trying to control addiction for some time, going to rehab during COVID can benefit your health and safety.

rehab during covid

What Are The Safety Precautions That My Desired Rehab Is Taking?

There are certain questions you want to ask yourself if you are considering going to rehab during COVID. Perhaps the most noteworthy question to ask is if the rehab is taking proper precautions advised by the centers for disease control (CDC).

Every rehab center should be mindful of the signs of COVID and how to prevent it from spreading. When contacting a treatment center like Healthy Life Recovery, make sure and ask what they are doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Some questions to ask and be informed on include:

  • Is your rehab testing for COVID prior to admission?
  • Is the facility enforcing hand-washing and other sanitary procedures?
  • How often are patients and staff screened for signs and symptoms of COVID?
  • Is the rehab center equipped with proper emergency protocols if someone contracts COVID?
  • Is there medical staff on-site that can help with health complications?

Get Help At a Rehab During COVID

Don’t let the fears of the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of seeking treatment for a serious drug or alcohol addiction. The good news is that San Diego, CA, has been removed from the COVID monitoring list. 

It is possible to go to rehab during COVID at Healthy Life Recovery. Our drug rehab is working hard and taking the necessary precautions to fight this health crisis. Seeking addiction treatment is never easy, but necessary in order to achieve long term recovery. Give us a call today if you or a loved one is thinking about attending rehab during COVID.

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