Why is drinking socially acceptable, yet it is responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries every year? Drinking is socially acceptable despite the potential for addiction, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism. It is available nearly everywhere from grocery stores, restaurants, sports games, and advertised all over. In fact, binge drinking is practically expected and considered a rite of passage for young people and college students.

The reality is, people continue to normalize alcohol and social drinking despite the major consequences it can bring. If alcohol consumption is so risky and addictive, why is drinking socially acceptable and more accessible than other drugs? 

Due to the popularity, acceptance, and pressure of alcohol, recovery for alcohol addiction can be difficult. Our alcohol rehab in San Diego offers addiction treatment for those struggling with an alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Why Is Drinking Socially Acceptable: The Reasons

It is no secret that you can legally purchase alcohol if you are 21 or older in the United States. In many places, alcohol is becoming more lenient between the hours they serve and places they serve (movie theaters for example.) Alcohol and drugs are not the same legal classifications due to the social acceptance of alcohol for historic, cultural, and economic reasons.

Alcohol has history on its side, having been around since practically the beginning of humankind. Hard liquor may have been a safer alternative to water at certain times and places in the world. Historically, alcohol has also been used as a pain reliever and antiseptic. Since drinking has such a historical tradition, it comes as no surprise why it is still socially acceptable for many people. 

People drink wine and other spirits during religious customs, like a Eucharist ceremony in a church. Essentially, outlawing alcohol would stop these religious rights that are backed by the Constitution.

Plus, you can’t forget about the amount of money the alcohol industry produces. From employing millions, and producing billions of dollars for the United States economy. Basically, alcohol has numbers on its side. The majority of the adult population has tried alcohol at some point or drinks on a regular basis.


Why Is Alcohol So Popular?

It is important to recognize that being socially acceptable and being popular are two separate things. For instance, it is socially acceptable to get a root canal when necessary, but you don’t see people hosting BYORC parties or binging dental procedures. 

Alcohol may be popular since it has been perceived as a necessary element for relaxing or having a good time. Many people in the United States view alcohol as synonymous with social situations like parties, celebrations, or barbecues. Some may even feel like they can’t enjoy themselves without alcohol in order to reduce inhibitions.

Society encourages alcohol to act as a coping mechanism. For example, “relax with a glass of wine, it’ll take the edge off,” one might say. Also, some see certain alcohol as an ideal taste for pairing foods, like cheese and wine or pizza and beer. Of course these are just a few reasons alcohol is popular in America. 

Nearly half of the population admits to consuming alcohol. The popularity of alcohol can make life challenging for people with an alcohol addiction. People who struggle with drinking might find themselves in social gatherings where they are pressured to drink. 

drinking socially acceptable

Why is Alcohol Considered a Drug?

What is alcohol considered, you might be wondering? Alcohol is considered a drug even though it might not seem like it. This is because alcohol is a substance that produces a psychological effect when introduced into the body. It is a drug that remains legal for anyone of drinking age.

Get Help At Healthy Life Recovery For Alcohol Addiction

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around six people a day die from alcohol poisoning. Drinking is still socially acceptable despite its harmful effects and possible fatality. If you or someone you love struggles with alcohol and may have a drinking problem, it is time to receive help. Give us a call today at our San Diego rehab center so that you can achieve long term recovery.

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