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Benefits Of Sober Living

Sober living homes in San Diego offer an environment that is incredibly important in early recovery. At Healthy Life Recovery, sober living environments are places where a client can live with other recovering individuals in an alcohol and drug-free living situation. Living with people who have similar life experiences can be a major step toward long term recovery. Individuals who recover while living in a substance-free zone significantly lower the chances of relapse.

Our sober living homes offer help for finding work with clients, and developing healthy hobbies to replace the toxic behaviors associated with a substance use disorder. Residents learn the importance of fellowship, responsibility, and accountability in a sober living facility. Here, they are able to bond with their peers from treatment. Residing in sober living helps residents improve mental health, remain focused on their sobriety, and avoid temptations.

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Sober living facilities are most beneficial to individuals who:

  • Completed a detox program
  • Completed residential treatment 
  • Attend outpatient treatment
  • Have been recently incarcerated
  • Are seeking a sober, structured environment that is a non-treatment alternative


Our Sober living in the San Diego area is equipped with live-in house managers. House managers enforce house rules, administer drug tests, and monitor the residents on a day to day basis. Treatment programs provided in recovery homes often include engaging in the 12-step program together. A caring and sympathetic support structure is integral in building relationships and establishing accountability with other addicted individuals and mentors.

Although sober living homes are not primarily treatment-oriented facilities, there are specific rules and guidelines that residences must abide by. These guidelines are typically posted in an accessible area to everyone. Sanctions can vary from being lenient or strict, depending on the rule. They can also differ depending on the specific resident.

Residents of sober living homes are expected to:

  • Remain drug and alcohol-free
  • Comply with drug and alcohol testing
  • Pay their rent and expenses
  • Submit documented paperwork often of the treatment they are involved with
  • Engage in self-care, perform chores, do their own shopping and buy their own food
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Enjoy a Sober Lifestyle

If you or a loved one may be experiencing substance abuse, Healthy Life Recovery is here to help you reach sobriety. Our sober living environment can assist you in preventing relapse and enable you to enjoy a sober lifestyle. By joining a sober living home and participating in a 12-step program, you will never be alone during your journey to recovery.

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