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Benefits Of Sober Living

Having a supportive living environment is incredibly important to addicts in early recovery. A sober living home is a place where addicts in early recovery all live together in an alcohol and drug free environment. Living with people who they can relate and who have similar life experience can be a major step toward long term recovery. Living in a drug-free zone significantly lowers the chances of relapse. 

Our Sober living in San Diego offers additional structure and supervision as clients transition out of a fully contained inpatient rehab or detox program. In our Sober Living facilities recovering addicts and alcoholics engage in 12-step programs together.  Our Recovery Homes also help clients find work and develop healthy hobbies to replace the toxic behaviors associated with substance abuse.  A caring and sympathetic support structure is integral to building relationships and establishing accountability with other addicts and mentors.

We work with sober living homes that have live-in house managers. House managers enforce house rules, administer drug tests and monitor the residents on a day to day basis. Residents learn the importance of fellowship, responsibility and accountability in sober living.  Here they can bond with their peers from treatment. Residing in sober living helps residents remain focused on their sobriety and avoid temptations.

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