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Facing alcoholism or addiction can be challenging, but initiating the journey towards recovery is essential to starting a more fulfilling life. Our caring counselors are accessible round the clock, prepared to assist you or your loved one as you seek support.

We provide tailored treatment plans in an upscale environment, crafted to establish the foundation for sustained recovery using proven therapies and individualized care. Allow us to lead you toward a brighter, substance-free future.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Medical Detox

Supervised and comfortable detox process with 24/7 medical care.

Residential Rehab

Intensive dual-diagnosis behavioral therapy in a comfortable setting, building strong pillars for long term recovery.


Ongoing assistance following inpatient treatment to maintain a positive continued support system for patients.

Innovative Addiction Treatment

Healthy Life Recovery prioritizes evidence-based approaches tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Our luxurious facilities prioritize the comfort of our patients and our staff ensures proper care is given to each individual.

We know addiction is not easy to overcome. And that’s why our offerings go above and beyond the norm with genesite testing, qEEG Brain Mapping, and TMS therapy to help address mental health issues that are so commonly paired with addiction.

Healthy Life Recovery’s mission is to deliver premier therapeutic services that address all factors that lead to substance abuse and relate. And that is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you or your loved one gets the care we would want for our own.



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