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What is an “Intensive Outpatient Program”?

Intensive outpatient (IOP) is a level of care used for treating substance abuse. Every IOP program has their own structure, however each program will contain a combination of individual therapy, group therapy and medical / psychiatric care. Intensive outpatient is a program of continuing care for clients who have completed residential or higher levels of outpatient care and are seeking ongoing structure and support as they transition back into society.

Treatment outcomes for addicts who remain in some form of outpatient care for at least 90 days are significantly more successful. Our Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program is exactly what a newly sober addict needs to stay successful as they embark on this new and exciting chapter of their life.

Outpatient (OP) Care is the aftercare that clients attend when they have fully completed the program at Healthy Life. Every OP treatment plan is specific to the client’s needs and personal schedule. Clients have the option to continue with group therapy 1-3 days a week with ongoing individual therapy and case management sessions. Clients also have the option for ongoing medical and psychiatric appointments when attending Outpatient aftercare. This is a crucial step in the transition away from a more intensive and supervised setting.

Why IOP?

Why IOP?

Many clients struggle with progression out of treatment settings.The stress of resuming work, family reintegration, and being back in familiar locations and situations can be major risk factors for addicts in early recovery. Intensive Outpatient Programs can be a regular touchstone to remain engaged and focused on recovery during this period. Clients continue to learn effective coping mechanisms in IOP and have a direct opportunity to start applying these skills as they begin to function in their day to day lives. 

Relapse Prevention Skills

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

Communication Skills

Cultivation of Sober Support

Managing Cravings and Impulses to Use

Family Therapy

Life Skills

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